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Just to be straight to the point and to keep it short and sweet...that's all folks!

Recent Updates

April 2014
  • 04/10/14 Fixed headers and SEO
March 2014
  • 03/20/14 Added Sticky navigation.
  • 03/16/14 Bug and HTML fixes, login issues
March 2013
  • 03/24/13 - Coderrific is responsive.
April 2012
  • 04/20/12 - Added reverse honeypot to comment form.
December 2011
  • 12/02/11 - Added another spam protection process, because captcha does not work.
November 2011
  • 11/20/11 - Bug/Fixes to Registration, Added categories to Blog
  • 11/05/11 - Ability to edit authored threads
  • 11/05/11 - Ability to view posts by user
October 2011
  • 10/29/11 - Added a visit count for forum threads
June 2011
  • 06/01/11 - Added a store section using Amazon
May 2011
  • 05/28/11 - Added accessibility to public information of users
  • 05/22/11 - Added advertisements, created Facebook Page
  • 05/21/11 - Added like/dislike to answers/comments