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Cutting the Cable Cord: Ways to Save

Posted on March 20, 2015 by Michael Rosario  |  Comments

Cutting the Cord - Cable

Cable is great - lots of channels, DVR, movies! Do I really need all that? I cut the chord to save money and see all the possible options to save. I don't really watch all these channels and when I do, it's all on DVR with commercials. There are many options out there and it works differently for people.

I used to have premium cable that cost about $180.00 which included all the bells and whistles that came with a "Triple-Play" (phone, cable, internet) promotion. Then it became a "Double-Play" converting my home phone into a cell phone (added to my family plan) and just sticking with Cable and Internet for $150. Then I finally cut cable, and all i'm paying is $29.99 for internet only.

So, what do I do for TV? Here are the options:

Local Channels
  • HDTV ANTENNA - We recommend the MOHU LEAF. Whether you live in an urban or suburban neighborhood, you can pay a one-time fee for a Digital TV antenna for those basic channels. This is great for local news and programming. Because it's digital, the channels are crisp and in HD. (based on experience and the fact that I placed the antenna by the window facing the east, i get about 40 channels for free, of which i only use 5 channels)
Shows and Movies
  • AMAZON PRIME - for $99 a year, you get prime selected and commercial free movies, tv shows, music. On top of that, you get free 2-day shipping on amazon products. They have great selections and new releases. If not, you can purchase the show or movie on demand. They also have an app that allows you to take advantage of these media on your phone or tablet (with Wifi).
  • NETFLIX - For $7.99 a month, you get access to Netflix's original series, hit TV shows, movies that you can play on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • HULU - For free you can watch the latest episodes, new series, access to hit shows, movies with advertisement. They have Hulu PLUS for only $7.99 a month which gives you additional features and content and less advertisement.
  • SLING TV - Cheaper than your Cable for $20/month. Sling provides you à la carte channels.
Devices for the TV
  • SMART TELEVISIONS - Some televisions are "Smart", they have built-in features to stream Netflix, Hulu, etc. on your TV without additional devices. For a list of smart TVs click here. Before buying a TV, read the reviews and ratings to get the best one.
  • APPLE TV - For a one time cost of $69.00, you can connect this device to your TV to stream iTunes music, movies, slideshows directly on your TV. They also allow Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and among others. to be streamed to your TV - (assuming you have the subscription for them). If you have an iOS device (iphone/ipad/ipod) you can take advantage of their "Air Play" which allows you to "screen share" whatever is on your device to your TV.
  • ROKU 3 - Similar to the Apple TV, you can stream Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and so much more. The cost of the device is $85.00
  • AMAZON FIRE - For $99, This device also allows you to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, HBO GO,, games, music, and more.
  • CHROMECAST - For $35, you can stream online video, music, photos and more to your TV using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via the Chrome browser. You also have access to Hulu, HBO, Pandora - assuming you have subscription to them.

Click on the links to learn more. If I missed any, please add to the comments and I can update accordingly. Thanks.

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