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Getting Your Next iPhone for FREE

Posted on May 15, 2011 by Michael Rosario  |  Comments

Well, not really free, but selling your current iphone will pay for the new iphone, and not to mention a renewing contract.  I’ve done it ever since i had the very first iphone.  I bet it’s a great business to just buy, fix, and resell iphones, if one can ever find the time to do so.  But, why do people buy used iphones?  Well, the last iphones i sold were bought by people living in Dubai, Guam, and Australia. Buying an iphone for $250-$300 is a great deal without a contract.

You can sell your used iphone on sites like craigslist, ebay, or amazon.  Make sure you check the prices just to compare, don’t undersell or overprice your item.  Sometimes you add value to your iphone by adding in accessories like a screen protector or a brand new case.  Jailbreaking is legal and doing so will add value to your iphone.  Unlocking iphones allow more compatibility to other carriers.  Be honest and tell them about minor details like dents or scratches.  Some people will return your item if they get such surprises.  So just tell them about it. People do buy broken iphones – broken screens, buttons, user – not a problem!  The parts are so cheap, people buy them just to fix them, and maybe even to resell them. 

I hope this opened some eyes.  I’m sure you can do it to any piece of product out there. As one man’s junk is another man’s goldmine. 


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