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I lose clients by recommending Apple

Posted on August 24, 2011 by Michael Rosario  |  Comments

I’ve worked as an IT consultant for over 6 years and do it occasionally via referral.  Most of the issues I solve are viruses, trojans, faulty hard drive, power supply… to something as easy as plugging in the power outlet. IT work is nice and challenging, it’s just unpredictable and you never know when something will happen.

Nonetheless, some of my clients are predominantly PC users - Dell, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Sony - you name it.  This line of work is good. It pays well and you can always schedule your hours.  Nonetheless, most of the time I assist my clients in purchasing hardware, software and peripherals.  I give them the two sides of the coin - the bargain price if your saving and the best, what your money can buy. 

I would say 100% of the time I recommend Apple Products and surely they buy them, and I never hear from them again.  Not because they were unhappy (i hope), but because they’re not having any computer-related issues. What separates Apple Macs from PCs is its exclusivity.  Apple are made of apple-chosen parts.  The parts from every apple computer are the same in another computer (maybe except for RAM/Memory).  PC’s however, are more unique and the software/operating system has to compensate for every hardware/peripherals out there and the combination of such peripherals - just more things that can go wrong.

I know there are other PROs and CONs of PCs and Macs, but each to his own on this one!  I like a little bit of both if you ask me.


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