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Is it Time to Buy a New Computer?

Posted on June 11, 2012 by Michael Rosario  |  Comments

When buying a new machine - we need to justify the cost and in doing so, we need to look at the following factors that may vary per user - depending on your budget, preference, and computer knowledge:

  1. Necessity vs. Luxury
  2. Ease of use
  3. Support
  4. Shelf life
  5. Cost
Excuse #1: Necessity vs. Luxury

Why are you upgrading again?  Keeping up with the Joneses?  Whatever it is, keep in mind that the industry is fast paced and there is always new technology waiting around the corner.  If you work in a field where your productivity will increase as a result of a new machine, I’d say go for it, otherwise stick with your old machine.  I’ve come across clients’ computers and their computer no longer allows them to perform updates and/or run certain programs - those individuals need to upgrade.  It’s a security risk and it’s a poor user experience.  On the other hand,  there are some clients who just use the internet and nothing more - in those cases I would say to buy an iPad and just stick with their old machines.  If you are buying because you can afford it and just because it’s new - I’m envious, feel free to donate your old machine to me.

Excuse #2: Ease of Use

It should just work. It should make sense.  I know that no system is perfect and there is always a learning curve, but the margin should be small. I’m actually glad to see that “user-friendliness” is where it is now compared to machines 5-10 years ago.  The terms plug-n-play, uninstall, install, and update have never been so easier to do.

Excuse #3: Support

This excuse goes hand and hand with Excuse #3.  If it’s so easy to use, you will not need this.  But wait a second, it depends on your computer knowledge.  Again, technology is fast paced and your machine is in constant need of updating/upgrading: new printers, memory, routers, other peripherals, and/or softwares.  I gotta say I have over 1000+ hours of support hours I spent with DELL representatives, Apple representatives, and Philippine call centers under my belt.  There’s nothing like a good technical support department.

Excuse #4: Shelf life

When will I buy my next computer? Generally, a new computer should run you 5 years.  I’ve seen computers from 8 years back and people’s usage (internet-only) of them does not justify a new computer yet.  Some people are really good at taking care of their computers.  When upgrading, do take in mind of your external peripherals in terms of compatibility. When buying your next computer, do look at these excuses.  And if you make better excuses than I do, please comment and share them here.

Excuse #5: Cost

Hopefully Excuses #1-4 has justified the cost.  Do you have a budget?  What makes PC laptops cost $500.00 versus Apple laptops at $999.00?  What are you really paying for?  Do take into consideration discounts available for education, non-profits, army/veterans.  In most cases, buying the laptop/desktop with the features that you really need versus the cream of the crop is better.  Another consideration is buying the base computer and adding the optional peripherals later.  For example, memory and hard drive are cheaper from 3rd party vendors. They are standard for most laptops/desktops and are easy to install.


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